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Реализуем камни для ландшафтного дизайна, аквариумов и др. различной крупности под заказ.


Mining and industrial equipment

Crushing rocks, brittle and soft materials, coal, rock salt, chalk, glass, plaster, brick fight, fight refractory, alum, ammonium nitrate, limestone, plastics, etc.


Mining and industrial equipment

Fine grinding of different materials in food, paint, chemical industries


Mining and industrial equipment

Uniform feeding and dosing materials


Mining and industrial equipment

Sieving of materials by size

Our enterprise is based in 1992

Basic directions of activity are:

  • manufacturing of crushers, mills, screens and other technological equipment;
  • the equipment for Quality Department of mountain-ore and other enterprises (a crusher, amalgamators, dividers, qualifiers);
  • some complexes for laboratories, geological services;
  • research, developmental and starting-up and adjustment works in mining, coal, building, chemical and other industries;
  • the development and introduction ecological pure technology of the conversion departure industrial enterprise;
  • the supply ready to use the different additives for metallurgical redistribution (ferro-alloy, additives for litho, graphite and other).
We can execute research work on salvaging departure industrial enterprise, on issue new type productions, develop the technological lines, make and put(deliver) equipment, realize the montage and deliver "turn-key".


Respectfully yours, director of the enterprise, candidate of the technical sciences

Peter Pankov