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Реализуем камни для ландшафтного дизайна, аквариумов и др. различной крупности под заказ.


Mining and industrial equipment

Crushing rocks, brittle and soft materials, coal, rock salt, chalk, glass, plaster, brick fight, fight refractory, alum, ammonium nitrate, limestone, plastics, etc.


Mining and industrial equipment

Fine grinding of different materials in food, paint, chemical industries


Mining and industrial equipment

Uniform feeding and dosing materials


Mining and industrial equipment

Sieving of materials by size

Crusher for demolished buildings materials

Technical descriptions: 1)Productivity - 1-1,5t/h; 2)Max feed material size up to 200mm; 3)Crushed product 40-0 mm (can be vary depending of need); 4)Motor output 5.5 kWt; 5)Mass up to 700 kg; 6)Size 2x0.8x1.4m


Price contractual


Сrusher is shredder for different materials

Intended for crushing of different materials : plastic, paper and cardboard, plywood and двп, metal, coal, marble and other hard materials, PET bottles, glass, aluminium jars etc.

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