Price is negotiable

Delivery by installments (leasing) for a period of 0.5 – 1 year is possible.

Sampling complex PK-40

Sampling complex is designed to prepare samples for chemical or other type of analysis.

The composition includes:

  • jaw crusher;
  • electromechanical or bucket cutter;
  • disc eraser.

The sampling complex can be equipped with other equipment depending on the customer’s wishes.

The capacity of the complex is up to 40 samples per hour with a final material size of 80 mm weighing up to 6 kg and a bed size of 80 microns weighing up to 1 kg.

The spaced complex can be used when processing a large number of samples in the field.

In the absence of power supply, the complex can be operated from a 6 kW diesel power station.


Parameters Value
Productivity, kg / h up to 300 (up to 40 samples weighing 6 kg)
Maximum sample size, mm up to 70
Size of the obtained sample, mm 0,08 (95%)
Weight of the obtained sample, g. (regulated) 500-1000
Total power consumption, kW 7
Dimensions, mm
The complex includes a jaw crusher for crushing up to 3-5 mm, a bucket cutter, a disk eraser for the final grinding size, and starting equipment.