Grooved Contracter

Model SG-15 (DP-15)

The grooved contractile is intended for dividing bulk material samples into two parts of equal content. Technical characteristics are presented in the table.


Parameter Value
Width of grooves, mm 15
Number of grooves, pcs 16
Size of sample material, mm, not more 5
Total volume of sample receivers, dm3 8.8
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than
Weight, kg 9
Division accuracy,%, not more than 1

Operating instructions:

A sample divider is prepared for operation: the separating funnel is installed on the supports, the sample receivers move close to each other under the separating funnel. Scoop recruit a certain part of the sample and pour into a separating funnel. The process is repeated until the sample receivers are filled. Then the material from the sample receivers poured into separate containers; empty sample receivers are installed again under the funnel and the sample dividing process is continued.

If it is necessary to reduce the sample several times (i.e., to get 1/4; 1/8; 1/16, etc. of the sample part), then one part of the sample obtained after the first reduction is sent to the reduction again. Thus, a sample with a mass of 1/4 of the initial mass of the sample is obtained. The process is repeated until you get the required sample mass.